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About Us

Faith Haven House will be a place where the residents can start the re-building process. We will be working with homeless men with the goal to help them transition to a stable living environment. Throughout the transition, they will receive a network of support with available resources.


How We Got Started

Beginning in 2013 through 2015, I helped serve meals at the Salvation Army in St. Charles. Numerous times, men and women would come for lunch and ask if we knew of any places where they could stay. It was always difficult to continue to answer no.

I began to pray for direction on how I could do more. I had always wanted to perpetually volunteer and help others. We don’t always get the chance to decide what that looks like. But if we are still and follow God’s lead, He will give us the direction. We just have to decide to say YES!

Over the following months, I met with others who had already started non-profits for direction.  God not only orchestrated those meetings, but He provided partners who have been helping the homeless for some time already, a name, a logo, and a plan to visit an existing shelter. During the rest of the year and since, there have been numerous lessons in patience and trusting in God’s timing. He continues to send the servant hearted people who are ready and able to help. I will continue to say yes so that homeless men of St. Charles will have a place to stay and a chance to re-build. 

-Founder and Executive Director, Dareth Jeffers

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